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What is it?
The Hot Shots Orange Ball – 7-10yrs Competition is a format that allows children to be involved in competition tennis at a younger age. Using a three quarter court, low compression balls (50%) and adjusting the net so it is lower, giving kids to opportunity to rally!

The Hot Shots Green Ball – 9-12yrs Competition is played on a full sized court using low compression (75%) still giving kids the ability to have rallies.

9am -12noon Sunday played at home (Hensman Pk TC) & away venues. Divisions will be zoned (where possible) to minimise travel distances.

Teams will be made up of 4-6 players (4 min) either boys, girls or mixed. 4 players will compete each week and play a singles & doubles each that will be the first to 4 games (fast 4)

ORANGE BALL: – Singles – 2 x (1x fast 4 set) Doubles 1 x (1x fast 4 set)
GREEN BALL: – Singles – (best of 3 fast 4 sets) Doubles (best of 3 fast 4 sets)

Further details will be provided prior to the season starting May 3rd. We will have some sessions providing a full run through with scoring & court set up.

Supervision: (ORANGE BALL ONLY) Each team is to nominate a parent to act as a supervisor. The parent will also be supported by a venue supervisor on match days. The parent is responsible for keeping & correcting the score if required, encouraging good sportsmanship and resolving any issues on court.

All players must be members of Hensman Park Tennis Club.