Fun group classes are the best way to introduce your child to tennis.

In our group coaching programs children learn technical tennis skills, improve their general coordination and make new friends.

When your child first begins learning tennis their tennis lessons are held in a group environment, to allow for fun games and to teach children about teamwork.

At Team Tennis WA we try to have group lessons where all the children are of a similar age and skill level.

Over the years we have found the best way to achieve this is by using your child’s grade and/or age to choose which level is right for your child.

Sometimes the most appropriate lesson option for your child is not available at a suitable time. Or you may have siblings in different grades but would like to put in the same class. If this is the case we will do our best to try and work out a solution for you!

Please do not hesitate to give our friendly staff a call to discuss your options.

Mark Leuba 0400 470 189 

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Blue Launch Pad Program

If your child is 3 years or older but is yet to start school, let them join in the fun with our tiny tot lessons. The program aims to develop the motor skills needed for tennis and other sports before beginning to learn tennis through ANZ Hot Shots.

Our coaches combine fundamental motor skills, such as hand eye coordination, balance and movement with the basic techniques of tennis. The friendly, fun-filled, game-based classes use modified equipment and allow the children to develop their love of sport through play.

ANZ Hot Shots Program

This starter program teaches kids basic tennis fundamentals including technique, co-ordination and rallying skills in a well-structured, fun environment and has been developed to allow children to learn, play the game and progress at their own rate.

It is the easiest way to learn tennis with students coached on a court size specifically to meet their needs and lighter racquets and low compression tennis balls that don’t bounce too high and move slower, making learning tennis easier to play for kids.

It follows a learning through play philosophy that encourages kids to have fun, learn tactical skills in tennis situations, improve their motor skills and build social skills.

There are three progressive stages allowing children’s skills and confidence to develop at their own pace. Each level is coached differently and targeted specifically to the players age, stage of tennis development and skill sets.

When your child first begins, they will be assessed and placed in the appropriate stage and level. As your child’s tennis techniques and abilities improve, they’ll progress through each level and eventually progress to the next colour stage. Each child is encouraged to progress at their own pace, moving on the next stage when they are ready.

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